Monday, February 21, 2011

Love this print by Laura George (and sooo many of her other prints, too!).

What are YOU thankful for? To see a few of the things I cherish, take a look at my profile in the right sidebar....yes, I'm taking the easy way out. ;)


  1. I did a blog post about this back in November, check it out:

    I am thankful for… the best friends in the world… new orleans… my family who supports me no matter what… laughter… good food… those who encourage and inspire me creatively… love… the courage to follow my heart…

  2. i am sooo thankful right now that i have a job in the same field i studied in. even though i'm not doing exactly what i would like, i know i'm luckier than most.

  3. Scarves ScarvesHappy pictures are my favorite! Thank you for the colorful collection of so many beautiful pictures

  4. This is such a sweet print! I'm so thankful for the constant inspirations i am getting out there. It just keeps me going.

    Hope all is going good on your end Vicki dear!

  5. Thanks for sharing what you're thankful for, ladies. xo

  6. such a happy art piece :) one we could almost recreate!
    Love the music here and all the images :)


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