Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

Did I do it?! Did I actually post 5 days this week? I'm so impressed with myself! ha, ha. Anyways, I adore this photo by Simply Shutterbug and thought it was the perfect photo to greet the weekend.

I hope your next couple of days are filled with beautiful things. Take time for yourself and to enjoy the little things that are normally overlooked. Oh, and here's a challenge for one creative thing no matter how small. xo


  1. Wonderful photo. Have a delightful weekend. :) Tammy Lee of

  2. Very beautiful photo!!!Love,love,love)))

  3. Nice photo :) Love is in the air :)

  4. Happy Weekend! Perfect photo!
    ps. my calendar arrived! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :) xo

  5. A happy weekend to you, my sweet hippie-heart friend. ;) Hope you're feeling great these days. I don't always have time to comment on all your posts but rest assured that I see every single one and enjoy your work and finds so much. Big hug. xo

  6. love that photo vicki!...sending her love out into the world like that. i've been on that "make something new every day" kick, too :) and, i love it. whether its a new piece of artwork, a different meal, friendship, adventure...always good ideas :) thanks for the photo to welcome the weekend along


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~ Vicki