Monday, January 10, 2011

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Good morning! Monday already? How was your weekend? Ours was pretty low-key. I went and saw the newest Disney movie "Tangled" with my two (grown) daughters for the second time yesterday afternoon. We love that movie....have you seen it yet? I don't think you ever grow out of seeing Disney movies. Or is that just me? ;)

Well, we're back to the Artist Spotlights this week and today I want to introduce you to a fine art vintage photographer, Vanessa from Little Gray Pixel. The above photos are from her series "California Sun". With all of the dreary gray skies we have at this time of the year in the Seattle area, I needed a reminder of Summer.

Vanessa has a unique retro vibe to her images and I'm especially drawn to her TTV images (photos framed with black). Her rich warm tones are spot on when it comes to accomplishing that vintage mood, too!

Here's what Vanessa says about her work:

"Hi there! Thanks for stepping into the world I've created through the lens, a world vibrant with imagination and vivid in color. Just as when I started shooting with my pink camera with 110 film as a child in the 1980's, I'm constantly trying to outdo my last capture. Currently I'm carrying around my Olympus E-500 Evolt and lenses, but I also break out my Nikon SLR for some film fun and my Argus 75 and Kodak Brownies for TtV adventures from time to time."


What do YOU apreciate about Vanessa's photography? I know she would love to hear your feedback. :)


  1. These are so carefree and light - they make me smile :)

  2. very beautiful photos! I love the texture! xx

  3. I love this style, and of course the vintage look! Very pretty!

  4. wow...those pitcures are sooo beautiful!

  5. Vicki, thanks so much for the feature. Love your blog! -- Vanessa

  6. I love them! They are simple, yet you want to look at them forever. :)


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~ Vicki