Monday, January 24, 2011

Good morning! Did you have a good weekend? Hopefully it was a relaxing one and you feel ready for a new week. :)

O.k, this artist spotlight is a long time coming and Tania from Indo Bay Inc. has been sooo patient. Thanks, Tania. I'm honored to finally feature her lovely shop this morning. She has a beautiful website where she sells her unique hand printed textiles. I love the simplicity of her designs! Her motto, "Live Simply, Live Lovely" sums her shop up perfectly.

Here's what Tania says about Indo. Bay Inc:

"Indobay,inc. is a small (seriously, it's just me) creative hand-printing & making business that was officially launched during the fall of 2009. This independeant design company became my creative outlet where I could dream, design and create handprinted modern goods for the home.

There are few things that can raise your spirits more than creating a welcoming and happy home filled with those special items that make your heart smile. This has always been a passion for me. More than just a passion, I have always had an innate need to create a "warm nest" that reflects who I am and my desire for a home that makes everyone in it feel a sense of ease and well-being.

Indobay Inc. is "perfectly, imperfect" hand-printed textiles & modern goods that sprouted out of a desire to create simple yet thoughtful items that bring that sense of ease, well-being and happy feeling into your home. I love creating items that are functional in their design but also function as a gentle reminder to embrace living a slower, more thoughful life — where one can take pleasure in the simple, lovely moments through items that represent this ideal.

Much care, time and attention to detail have gone into the production of all the items that I create. My hope is that you will find items in my shop that make you smile and that look right at home in your home."


What do YOU like about Tania's shop and her textile work? Let's give her some positive feedback! :)


  1. brilliant, love it!

  2. So pretty. I love simple designs and soft colors. I think they make everything seem warm and "homey". What beautiful creations. I adore the eggs! So precious!

  3. Love the shop! Especially the soft colors and simple yet beautiful designs.


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