Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Online Class ~ Would Love Your Input!

Inspirational image by {lisa.anne}

Good morning! First of all, I wanted to say "thankyou" for so many great suggestions concerning what to do with the snowy rooftop photo I posted a couple of days ago. I think I'm going to go with the snow bokeh image, but might try a different texture. It still looks a little dreary to me. Any of you know of a snow bokeh that's a little brighter? I'm all ears.

Before I share info. about the new online class I'll be teaching, I wanted to give you an update on the Artist Spotlights. I haven't forgotten you, Artists!!! I'll be featuring the final few artists next week! Hope you're not too frustrated with me for taking so long to complete this spotlight. Gulp. I'm really looking forward to featuring your work next week. :)

O.k., here's a bit of info. about the class! Firt of all, I think I've finally figured out a name for it. I'll fill you in on the "deep" meaning behind it later, but the class is going to be called "It's Raining Umbrellas - Lessons in Creativity". This will be the first online class I've taught and I can't even tell you how excited I am...yep, haven't slept a wink the last few nights. lol.

Here are just a few of the topics we will cover in class:

~ My story and background along with the tips, tricks, and special resources I use
~ How to live a creative life despite obstacles and challenges
~ Finding your very own creative "niche"; being your best creative self
~ Building online relationships with other creatives
~ Inspiring others through your work
~ Selling your art in the handmade market
~ Using your blog as a walking advertisement for your artwork
~ Getting the word out (how to get your work noticed)!

Also included:

~ Opportunities for discussion, group interaction, and feedback from yours truly. :)
~ Fun daily exercises & weekly assignments (not graded) to enhance your creativity
~ Interviews with successful artists, photographers, and designers!

......and more, more, more!

A Few Other Details:

~ I haven't set a date yet (I'm aiming towards the end of March) but you'll be the first to know when I do!
~ Each session will run for 4 weeks (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) with the website and discussion area open to participants 24 hours a day.
~ Cost will be $69.00 dollars for the 4 week session.
~ Class size to be determined but I'm going to try to keep it pretty cozy and intimate so we can have lots of personal interaction and build relationships. And, with a smaller class size, I'll be able to give students more individual attention.

Here's where your input comes in! If you were to take an online class from me, what would you like to see included? What would you like to learn? I think this will be a much better course if I hear from YOU. Thanks! :)


  1. The class sounds great. I'd be looking to learn serious photography skills, but without the expense of something like Photoshop. Also, I'd be looking for inspiration, and lots of it, along with a wonderful community spirit that keeps on going long after the class ends.

  2. Yay!! That sounds awesome!! I would love to take your class! I am into film photography right now, but I would just love to learn how to get the photography I want SOOC. And I am very interested in the part you mentioned about having a creative life amongst challenges. I need that since I'm a stay at home mom of two and I also homeschool.

  3. Congrats Vicki! good for you! this class sounds amazing!

  4. this sounds just perfect. i like the direction you're heading. :)

  5. vicki, this sounds like a fab idea. maybe it's the answer to your question about how to make money from home? and this way you'll get to do something that you love. it's perfect!
    you've got some great ideas for the class already, so i can't think of anything else =)

  6. I would love to be in a community with likeminded people. I would think this would come with any class, but an emphasis on building a community with other artists and creators… ahhh that would be lovely :)

  7. This is such a great idea Vicki. Im sure tons of people would love to take your class.
    I think it sounds really interesting and something that is quite different to lots of classes out there.

  8. Thanks, friends. :) Your input means alot to me! xo

  9. Wow ! that sounds great ! :)
    Do you accept french student ?! :))

  10. Yes, Miss Giny....French students are definitely accepted! :)

    Thanks for the input, friends. Any suggestions?

  11. Oh, I'm really interested - go ahead with it.

  12. Definitely interested! Sounds like a wonderful course.


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki