Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Polyvore Contest UPDATE

(This collage was put together by Maykay.Jones.)

Good morning! I'm not actually supposed to be here yet (promised myself I'd take a blogging break until January 1st) but I had an idea I wanted to share with you. How about a contest to kick off 2011? Have you ever heard of Polyvore? I'm sure many of you have by now, but if you haven't, it's a website where you can put together creative collages of the things you love off the internet. But, be forwarned: It's very possible that you will become addicted to this site! So, if your New Year's resolution is "less time on the internet", turn and run the other direction fast! ;)

O.k., so here are the contest rules:

~ Go to Ruche.com and choose one or more of my prints (on sale in their "home" section) and create a collage including these prints. You can include clothes, home products, or whatever else you want, too.

~ Your collage needs to be based on the theme "I would love to learn to _____ in 2011" (just fill in the blank and type the title below your collage).

~ Please post your collage on your blog and then come back and leave a link in the comments section (For some reason, when you leave a link to Polyvore it doesn't work.)

~ You can enter two collages for this contest!

~ I'll choose several to post here on Simply Hue over the next week.

~ On January 1st. I'll announce the winner! The winner will win any TWO prints or a 2011 Calendar from MY SHOP!

(Note: If there doesn't seem to be much interest, I may reschedule the contest for a later date.)

O.k., create away! I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

P.S. If you take part in the Creative Challenge, I've assigned this as the challenge for this week! If it seems like too big of a commitment, though, just stick with the theme "Shimmering Lights". xo

*** Just wanted to give an update on the contest. Thankyou for all who created for this...great work! Unfortunately, due to the low number of entries, I'm going to post the contest again at a later date. I think I chose a very busy time of the year to post a contest! Thanks again, Ladies. :)


  1. Hi Vicki, love this idea! Although I can't promise to do it because I am known to get sucked into Polyvore for hours and never return! I am loving so many of your new prints btw. I have a feeling I may have to snag another soon!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  2. Here is mine! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=26469703

  3. Thanks, Rachel...it's so glamorous!

  4. This is the first creative challenge that I have done although I am always intrigued by all your inspiring posts!! Here's a link to my post:


    I also posted it on my blog:


    { I would love to learn to truly love myself in 2011 }

  5. Just did one more - you're right, this is addicting!


    { I would love to learn to set aside more time to create in 2011 }

  6. Ok, I finally finished mine!


  7. Ok, nevermind about my first post. I redid it a little and spread it out a little more. Here is the new link:


  8. Oh my gosh, I am screwing everything up! I've never done anything on Polyvore before and so far I've managed to delete my collage TWICE! Here is the good link (I think):


  9. This may become a regular habit of mine. I've been following for a while now and among other goals. I am also going to attempt your creative challenges.


  10. Chieflostahair, would you mind posting another link. For some reason it was dead. Thanks!!!

  11. Hi Vicki,

    I haven't made a Polyvore collage in years, but your photos are truly inspiring! Here is #1..hope you like :)


  12. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=26519238

    I was inspired and wanted to make one, I was feeling creative! :) I love this site!


  13. Hello Vicki, here's mine! http://curatingcuteness.com/2010/12/simply-hue-polyvore-contest-hope/

  14. Hello everyone! Would you mind posting your collage on your blog and then leaving the link here? The Polyvore links aren't working for some reason. Thanks! :)

  15. Hi Vicki,

    I posted the board on my blog. :)


  16. Here is the link to my blog:


  17. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks for posting the first collage! I made another one-also posted on my blog :)



  18. Hi Vicki, sorry I forgot to post the theme earlier.

    "I would love to learn to speak French and visit France in 2011."

  19. I made another one! I love this! I'm totally addicted! Here's the link:


    Also to my blog:


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  21. I did two and posted them here: http://whimsyandco.blogspot.com/2010/12/simply-hue-contest.html

    it was lots of fun!
    happy new year's eve, Vicki!


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