Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La Marquise des Anges ~ Her Blog ~ La Marquise des Anges

Our featured designer for today is the lovely Sabine from La Marquise Designs. I've admired her designs for months now and thought it was time I featured her lovely work! Here's what Sabine has to say about her designs:

"I am a French self-taught designer / crafter with a very crafty family background. All of my pieces are handmade by me, in a smoke free environment, under the always curious and watchful eyes of my 2 cats & my border collie, and with the assistance and support of my ever - dependable husband.

I design all kinds of things & put a lot of time, energy and ♥LOVE♥ in my craft addiction.

My work is as I am : very versatile ;). I am influenced by everything in my life. NOT kidding : EVERYTHING I've ever read, seen, experienced, heard ...tasted ..
My inspiration comes from all kind of things and I always make sure to have a notebook in my pocket or in my purse to scrawl or to sketch the ton of ideas popping into my little blond head ...

Every piece I make has a back-story ...If you ask I may tell you 1 or 2 stories, but be sure to have plenty of time for that ... yes, i said PLENTY ...

♥♥♥ All items are Handmade in France. All materials used in the pieces are hand-picked by me and sourced locally in France from French suppliers."


What I appreciate about Sabine's work:

Her delicate and feminine style, the intricate details, and the love and care that goes into each piece. I'm also excited to know that she sources all of her supplies locally in France. Oh, and, pssst.....she's having a sale right now! ;)

What do YOU like about her designs?


  1. Love discovering new talent! Everything is beautiful!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous. Simple but elegant.
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