Monday, October 25, 2010

{....a place for twiggs....)

Today I want to introduce you to, not only a beautiful and inspiring blog, but a lovely sweethearted lady. Twiggs from {....a place for twiggs....} has become a treasured friend of mine in recent months. I can't think of a more encouraging and supportive person on the web! She's always there with a kind word for everyone and I'm so inspired by her creativity and appreciation for all things beautiful.

If you visit her blog (which I hope you run and do right after you read this post!) you will find inspiring interviews with talented photographers, artists, and stylists. You'll also find gorgeous photos of home interiors, Etsy features, and inspiring articles about things she loves and places she visits.

Twiggs is also a wonderful photographer herself! You can find her soft and beautiful photos on Flickr and in her Etsy shop.

Oh, Twiggs and I had a "deal" today. She's featuring Simply Hue and I'm featuring her! Thanks so much, Twiggs! xo


  1. Twiggs is one of my favorite friends on the web as well. She is so kind and giving and so very talented. ♥

  2. Hello there my sweet friends!!! I am so happy with this!!! You made me smile, blush... everything that provoques a really good feeling!!! This was a delicious way to start off my week! And by the way, I just read this at the same time I just sold another picture on my etsy shop... could not be happier today!!! Have really sweet days this week, my friends! Twiggs

  3. Oooooo pink, my favorite color! Twiggs has a beautiful blog too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yay! So glad you're doiing a feature swap. She just posted about my etsy shop and I discovered her blog through that! Love Twiggs and Simply Hue. Great deal/barter! xo

  5. I can see many similarities for the sweet whimsical style. Thanks for sharing another great artist. I'm growing to quite like the artist profiles. Any bit of inspiration is always appreciated.


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