Monday, October 4, 2010

October Anthropologie Catalog!

I just received the October Anthropologie catalog in my inbox and wanted to post a few images. Wow, I love the way they present their products in such an artistic and stylish way! Are you an Anthropologie fan? I am, but pretty much have to drool from afar because of the prices. I do plan on purchasing this perfume as soon as I've saved enough money, though. :)


  1. I need to subscribe to them or something because I'm on their website all the time, but I want a physical copy of those images a lot of the time! So yes, I'm for sure an Anthropologie fan. I don't really buy anyhting either unless there's a sale. I mostly get ideas and drool from afar like you haha

  2. Oh Anthropologie... they takes on a daydream, don't they? :) Beautiful collection, sweet vicki!! Have you received my flickr e-mail dear? Hugs, Twiggs

  3. Be still my heart. I love their catalogs--so much inspiration for thinking outside the box (same with the window displays that I've seen on Flickr). I dream of being able to visit one of their stores some day.

  4. I love the catalog, but I've been to one of the stores as well and it is a much better experience. Their jewelry is nicer than it looks in the catalog, and it's a total experience. (their sale room of clothes is hidden away from the entrance about 4 rooms in- a treasure trove, though!)

  5. I have got to check this October one out! Everything just looked better and better each issue. Isn't it?

    Heh good luck on your perfect plan, Vicki! ;)


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