Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Multi Talented Artist

Good morning! How's your week been so far? Summer is lingering in the Seattle area with some warmer temps. and blue skys so I'm pretty happy about that. :) Today I'll be running a bunch of earrands and hopefully taking a few photos. Any special plans for you? I'm sure many of you are confined to an office and working hard today. I hope you get some relaxing time for yourself this evening. Maybe you can plan on carving out even a few minutes for yourself...take a bubble bath or a calming walk in the fresh air. You deserve it and need it. xo

I found this collection of drawings on Flickr a few days ago and wanted to share them with you. I love the feminine subjects of her illustrations along with the soft pastels and even the crinkly paper she uses to draw them on. I tried to do some research on the artist but didn't come up with much info. other than her name is Merche Grosso, she lives in Madrid, and she also designs the most adorable tutu's and confetti necklaces in her Big Cartel shop!

I would love to hear your opinions on her work and also if any of you know what type of paper she uses for her illustrations.

Have a great day today! :)


  1. Her stuff is gorgeous ... I love the coffee ringed image ...

  2. I really like the softness of these images, as well as the thoughtfulness of the paper choices. The one with the coffee stain is quite clever.

  3. I love the shoes with the patterned insteps :)

  4. The girl with the umbrella is my fave.

    I clicked through on the Big Cartel link you gave and found that there is a contact link on that page if you'd like to reach her for more information on the paper (or anything else). I'm sure she'd love to hear from you and know that appreciate her work!

  5. Love this collage! The colors and paper background are great. Hope you are doing well Vicki!

  6. Thanks, Julie B! :)

  7. Nice selection of colors and beautiful illustrations.


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