Monday, July 19, 2010

Picks from the Creative Challenge Group


1 ~ o&c photography, 2 ~ Jackie Rueda, 3 ~ Selena Vallejo, 4 ~ Libertad Leal, 5 ~ Andree, On Linden Way, 6 ~ Natalie French, 7 ~ Amy, Lucky Number 13

Thanks for the beautiful work this week everyone! You really stuck to our theme, "YOUR FAVORITE COLOR". :)

O.k., for next week's challenge how about creating a piece of artwork in COLLAGE form? As you can see from my last post I'm on a collage kick. lol. It's been so much fun to put together collages of past images! I've been color coordinating mine, but your collages could be put together in any way you like. If you want to have a themed collage (ex.: balloons, kites, kids, desserts), it's up to you. For you illustrators and media artists, choose a color or a theme and collage away! As usual, I'm really excited to see what you'll submit to the group. :) And, by the way, please feel free to post discussions/questions/ideas/comments in the "discussion" section of our group, ok?

If you would like to join the Creative Challenge Flickr. group, click here!

* Oh, just a little health update after our fun post.... I had to go to the emergency room on Friday evening for treatment for my nerve pain. It took 5 hours for them to hook me up to an IV due to the busyness of the ER! I'm feeling quite a bit better, thankfully, but have several more doctor appts. to set up. Yuck...I hate going to the doctor. Anyone else feel the same? I go because I know I should but it's one of the things I like the least in life. lol.

Tomorrow (barring any unforseen problems) I'll be featuring our last artist for the June/July Artist Spotlights and on Wednesday we'll have our last "I Create Interview" for the Summer. I'll be introducing you to a wonderful photographer and photo stylist. See you then! :)


  1. Thank you Vicki for being so lovely and showing my work off with work from such talented and creative people. Feels a real honour. Love the other images you have chosen. They are stunning.
    Hope youre feeling better today too x x Charis

  2. Thank you so much for including me among so many talented photographers, Vicky! I am honored! I hope you are feeling better!

    Thank you so much!


  3. I LOVE to be here, Vicki, THANKS!
    There's a ton of talented people in your charming group.
    The new theme sounds exciting :)
    I'm relieved that you're feeling better today.
    Pain can't stop you, you have superpowers, remember that ;-)

  4. Thank you Vicki i am sooo exited to be up here with all these other talented people :) sorry to here you are not feeling well hope you get better soon:)
    Thanks again Natalie x

  5. Vicki, so much eye candy here! I love the inspiration I always find when i visit. Looking forward to taking a closer look at these artists.

    I received the beautiful photo in the mail the other day and I am giving it to my sister as part of her wedding gift to put in her first home!
    Thank you!

  6. vicki,
    wow. wow. that's all i know to say. you completely AMAZE me. i don't know how you do it. im so sorry to hear that you were in the ER this weekend. and yet you still pursue beauty and joy and hope. i miss you and hate that i have been so distant the last few months. i became very distracted with family here but just wanted to stop by and say , hello again dear friend! :)

  7. These are all very beautiful Vicki! I'm checking in on the group now, sounds like a fun up-coming theme. :) Have a great week ahead! xo

  8. these are all just gorgeous, makes me so happy to see my little photo in here with the rest of these. such fun pictures!


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~ Vicki