Monday, July 5, 2010

Favorites from The Creative Challenge Group

1 ~ Beauty Comma, 2 ~ Valspring, 3 ~ Ania Maria, 4 ~ Orange Sparrow, 5 ~ {eva}, 6 ~ Bal93, 7 ~ Dusiowa

My husband and I have a some plans today (he has a day of vacation for the 4th. of July) but I atleast wanted to post a few of my favorites from the Creative Challenge group. Aren't these great?!

This week's challenge is "SUMMER LOVIN'". Sorry this isn't very original but there are so many subjects you could create around this topic. Anything "Summer" that makes you smile.....lemonade stands, flowers, beaches, children playing in the sprinkler? Maybe try to come up with a unique angle on Summer or an original perspective on whatever you create. Can't wait to see what you do!!!

Heading out the door so have a great Monday! xo


  1. Thank you Vicki! I love your challenges; you inspire me every week, thanks :*

    P.S. Love the first photo :)

  2. Wiiii!!! Thanks Vicki! ;* I love your challenges too! ;) but I don't have $ for increase my profile ;( but I will be spirit with us;)

  3. You're welcome, Anna-Maria and Dus'. :) Your photos were perfect for this challenge!

  4. thanks so much!! great challenge, great selection!!

  5. thank you so much vicki!! i feel honoured to be featured among these lovely photographers.
    thank you also for putting together these challenges for us! don't feel that the themes have to be original - most things in life aren't =) and summer lovin' is a great one!

  6. How pretty! I love the double one of the hand with the hat!

  7. Thank you so much Vicki! You haven been such a huge inspiration with your work and your challenges!


  8. Thanks everyone...this is alot fun for me, too. :)


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~ Vicki