Friday, June 11, 2010

Designer ~ Gwen from Everyday Fairytale

Her Shop ~ Everyday Fairytale, Her Blog ~ Everyday Fairytale

"Everydayfairytale is a land full of love, hopes, and dreams come true. Each handmade piece is a splash of magic and is manufactured straight from the heart.

Everydayfairytale is run by one dreamy girl, Gwen, and is inspired by life stories. I've always been a fan of books and tales, love songs and lands untold. I'm an avid traveler, reader, and music aficionado.

I consider myself an inventing artist, always creating new pieces using different elements and techniques. I pride myself in having no limits in my designs and will continue to outrun the ever-growing industry overrun by copycat fashion and ordinary fluff.

As an eclectic artist, my shop carries a variety of whimsical pieces. From tutus to jewelry, hair accessories and hand-embellished clothing, my shop will have something for everyone. The aim of my line is to not fall into a category, but to surpass all limits of fashion with a dash of dream.

Each piece is a story, your own piece of make-believe.

Welcome to my world, where everyday IS a fairy tale!"



They're full of whimsy and, well....magic. I love the colors she uses and just how delicate and unique each piece is.

What do YOU appreciate about her work?

*** Oh, guess I should remind you that on Sunday I'll be announcing the featured artists for the next Artist Spotlights beginning on Monday. The difficult part in selecting this time is that there was a large amount of submissions and I'm only able to choose 16. There's so much talent that it's really hard to narrow it down. So, in other words, if your name isn't on the list on Sunday, it doesn't mean I didn't love your work. Wish I could choose all of you...seriously.


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