Friday, May 7, 2010

Photographer/Designer ~ Michelle from The Cameras Eye

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"Hello fellow Artists. I am a photographer and mosaic artist I love to create Birdhouses and other mosaic items.

I have been a photographer since I was old enough to hold a camera in the sixties.
I have been an artist since I could hold a crayon and mold playdough.

As a Mosaic Artist I can honestly say that If you are newly interested in Mosaics, once you start you just can't stop and you will never look at glass or surfaces the same way again... I will be listing qaulity Mosaic art pieces as well as Tessarae and handcut vintage china pieces.

I am also a photographer, writer, and maker of jewelry which I will some how find a way to incorporate all that I love into art.

I am from Amherst NY a suburb of The fun and wonderful city of Buffalo also Called Western NY. The arts are alive and thriving here in this beautiful area. The Allentown art festival is famous worldwide and has the honor of being the 3rd largest of its kind in the country. It happens here in Buffalo the second weekend of June every year."


  1. oh my goodness.. more amazing art!! such fabulous photography...

    xxo, kim

  2. Her store is full of loveliness. That is one busy lady! I love the flowers in the teacups plus the gorgeous lilacs.

  3. What inspiring food for the soul !! ....Images that bring back warm memories of people & places I love !!!

  4. I love the bird on a fence. And it's snowing too! Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful pictures! And Buffalo is gorgeous - it holds a special place for me. I went to school at SUNY and met my husband there.

  6. I really like the hand holding - just a quick moment caught in time...

  7. Beautiful work, I too like the son holding his fathers hand.


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