Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photographer/Artist ~ Jade Sheldon

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"I'm 23.
I'm an artist.
I'm a graduate from Pacific Northwest College of Art.
I'm a woman.
I'm in love.
I'm battling Ulcerative Colitis.
I'm a printmaker.
I'm a hat wearer.
I'm a fan of Musicals: come on! You know you love them ;)
I'm a traveler.
I'm a reader.
I'm not a photographer (or at least I don't consider myself
one... I just love taking pictures)
I'm an inadvertent cup collector.
I'm imperfect.
I'm a person who carries a sketchbook.
I'm an over-thinker.
I'm pale.
I'm a piano player.
I'm addicted to Food Network.
I'm a movie goer.
I'm sarcastic.
I'm a freethinker.
I'm a cat person.
I'm a listener.
I'm girly.
I'm a person who needs their alone time.
I'm a dreamer.
I'm a vintage fashion lover.
I'm soft spoken.
I'm a worrier."

There are those who are great admirers of beauty. Then there are those who endeavor to go forward and create it in the name art. In her humble way, Jade Sheldon desires to reflect the beauty she sees in the world. A journey through Jade’s images are both a personal and inspirational. Stroll through the eyes and thoughts of a true born artist.

Jade Sheldon is an illustrator and photographer who works out of her studio in Portland, Oregon. She received her BFA in Illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2009.


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