Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photographer ~ Lila, Simplesmente Lila

Her Blog ~ Simplesmente Lila

"Old faded blue jeans, barefoot on wet sand, the wind in my face, wet hair , a sea shell in my hand….Many sunny blue days and few raining and gray…Sleeping late… jazz and blues...laughing for no reason at all… feeling loose and breeze… finding beauty to capture, anywhere, everywhere…in love…yes… in love with life!"

destination is
never a place,
but a NEW way
of seeing things"

Henry Miller...

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”


  1. Beautiful! I am dreaming of Paris now, or perhaps a trip to the beach....

  2. I feel like traveling now! Such lovely images.

  3. "The Time Traveler's Wife" is one of my favorite books ~ it's as if Clare is there waiting for Henry and ready to follow him anywhere!

  4. I adore Lila's beautiful photographs ... they always make me want to take a journey - even if it's just in my mind!

  5. Iam sooooo honored ....Gosh this is so fantastic!!
    thank you vicky !

  6. such amazing images lila... they make me want to pack my bags, hop on a plane and travel the world.... 'sigh'

  7. oooh ... i really love that Eiffel tower pic! lovely!

  8. You're welcome, Lila. :) I'm a huge fan of your photos!

  9. Gorgeous tones on the photo with the waves! Also, anything with the Eiffel Tower gets me excited, as I prepare for my trip to Paris at the end of the summer :)

  10. Oh, you're so lucky, Dottie! Can I hide away in your suitcase? lol.

  11. Lila's images are tranquil and beautiful and she always has such heartfelt things to say to accompany them. I'm very happy that she has become a friend of mine. xo – g


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