Monday, May 3, 2010

Photographer ~ Jen from Roadside Photographs

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"I am a Fine Art photographer, dividing my time between the Bay Area and Southern California.

As a child, my grandfather, a photographer, gave me a camera. He taught me how to
use it by taking daytrips to Yosemite and other scenic spots. After the film had been
developed, we made prints in his color darkroom. It was in this way that my
fascination with photography began. I enjoy working with color to take ordinary scenes just a bit beyond our everyday view.

"Jen Zahigian' of vintage Americana document a dying aesthetic..."
-NBC New York

"Jen Zahigian takes pictures that remind me of an America I long for but have rarely experienced..."
-Casa Sugar

"Dreamy, sunny, colorful...Roadside Photographs feature California at its best..."
-7x7 San Francisco

"There's a simplicity, a quiet watchfulness, in Jen Zahigian's photos that we find really appealing..."
- Apartment Therapy

"Zahigian's photos... are nostalgic but not sentimental, quietly and soberly capturing the faded, forgotten corners of Americana that colored so many of our childhoods..."
-More Ways to Waste Time"


Is it really Monday already? How was your weeekend? Mine was pretty uneventful, which is what I needed...just time to catch up and relax.

I'm excited about this week of Artist Spotlights!!! Tomorrow I'll be featuring Irena Sophia for the "I Create" Interview and on Thursday Kim Klassen will be sharing some really great stuff for "Art Talk", a new series I'm hoping to post every other Thursday. I think you'll enjoy hearing the experiences of other artists, the lessons they've learned along the way, and what motivates them.

You'll notice that today there are 2 photographers and 1 artist featured today. When I put out a "call for artists", most of the submissions I receive are from photographers. I'm pretty sure that's because I'm a huge Flickr. addict and many of my contacts are from this wonderful photo sharing site.

Anyway, enjoy the featured artists today and please leave them a few comments...just so we know someone's out there. ;)

Have a great new week! xo

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  1. Gorgeous colors in these photos - Jen has "the eye" for sure! :-)

  2. made me smile and giggle:)

  3. stunning photos ... love "roadside photographs"!

  4. these colors are so eye popping! love them. thank you for sharing your work! going to check out more!

  5. beautiful photos ~ i love the colours of the chairs in the first one :)

  6. The use of color in these photos is really unique and interesting. Love it!

  7. I have really enjoyed the quirky feeling of these photographs, I like to be surprised and I have been, thank you ... great eye !

  8. The colors are like candy. I am drooling.

  9. I love these saturated colors! So great!



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