Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome Machel Spence!

Image by Me (Yep, that's me in the lense.)

Today I have Machel Spence of Machel Spence Photography here to share her "I Create" interview with you. It was fun for me to read through her interview and learn what makes Machel tick....I'll give you a hint: they grow in the forest, in damp places, you can eat some of them, and some of them are poisonous. Well, if you haven't guessed the answer by now, you can read her interview and find out below.

Enjoy Machel's unique and original perspective on life and art!


  1. I love photos of cameras, especially old ones, love this!


  2. Great shot, love the soft colors.

  3. oh vicki, this may be one of my most fav images of yours... really truly!! sooo good!! 'sigh'....

    i need to catch up with you.. it's been a little INSANE around here... still catching up after that darn virus... and mix in some 'life' stuff... and bam.... CRAZY!! talk soon...

    i hope you get feeling better... take care of yourself! xxo, kim


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