Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creative Spaces ~ Madhu from Miel Bakes

My parents named me Madhu which means "honey" in Sanskrit. Home to me is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my man and our two sons.

As a child I remember, vividly, my mother passionately whipping up the most delicious butter cakes whilst my father was absorbed in taking photographs. As I write this I realize I am taking after both their footsteps!

Having spent many years in England and Wales as a student I came back home with an accountancy degree and my very first cookbook by Marguerite Patten which I purchased with a book voucher I won for having written the best Physics essay in class!

I joined the corporate world and was climbing the walls when my latent joy and passion in baking resurfaced. I am now doing it as business and pleasure right from my favourite place, my home. I love that my kitchen overlooks the lounge as I like being close to the sound of my family whilst I satisfy my passion.

When I am not baking I enjoy doing up my home. My favourite style has to do with comfort and whatever makes me happy from white painted furniture to bursts of colours here and there. Looking around my home I dare say it reflects my all time favourite magazine "Country Living - UK".

Besides family, baking and home I am also enjoying my spiritual journey as I try my best to synchronize with the music of the universe.


Thanks so much for giving us a peak into your home and life, Madhu. You're an inspiration. :)

And, I have a question for YOU, my sweet readers. What in your opinion makes Miel's home a creative space? What inspires you about her decorating style? What makes your home a creative space?


  1. loved this interview. i loved the light, color and organic touches in her home!

  2. I see lots of art and color that make it seem like a happy space.

  3. Isn't Madhu wonderful ? I am always so excited when I see that she has posted one of her delightful home pictures. What inspires me at Madhu's ? - Everything I see is pretty, charming, so colorful - but also USEFUL . She makes the everyday items look like little treasures. It also helps that there's a beautiful cake sitting on the table ! We all want to live at Madhu's ! Anonymous but my name is Majlee.

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies. I love her home. It inspires me to bring a lighter fresher feel to my own. I'm getting a little weary of our "earthy" color scheme.

    Hi Majlee! I think I know you from Flickr. :)

  5. Ooooo, Madhu has a certain sort of knack for crushing crisp and charming together to get a perfect mix of cozy. Her home is well ordered yet eclectic; clean but cluttered ( in the best sense of the word!) I just want to go and bask in her light filled chair with a cup of tea and a slice of that heavenly cake she's always whipping up! Great job Vicki, and're an inspiration to live the dream! :o) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Madhu, is a lovely name! Amazing photos and enjoy the interview.

  7. I love the beautiful splashes of color against the wonderful crisp whites. It makes me smile. And it's a perfect backdrop for her beautiful delectable desserts.

  8. This is so fresh and pretty! I'm looking for an affordable daybed like that to make my guest bedroom more of a lair for me to read and relax in :)

  9. ooh, so pretty. I love all the color!

  10. seriously fabulous interview ladies...

    what a beautiful, truly inspring home... 'sigh'

  11. Thank you Vicki for having me here in your oh so wonderful blog among all these incredibly creative talented people! Oh I want to throw a tea and cake party for all!! :-)

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. So appreciate them.
    Madge.... ;-)
    Trisha, you have taught me a thing or two or more about colours,
    Dottie, yes so affordable from IKEA, they have it in powder blue now,


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki