Monday, May 3, 2010

Artist ~ Katie from Wheatfield

Her Shop ~ The Wheatfield, Her Website ~ Katie Daisy

"Katie Daisy is a wandering artist whose home is the prairie. Originally from a small farm in Illinois, Katie is greatly inspired by rural life. Ms. Daisy makes her way by enjoying simple country pleasures such as a sweet goldfinch song, swimming in lakes, canoe trips that creep into the night and sipping chamomile tea with honey.

Katie strives to live an authentic life by following her bliss. She works full time as an artist, working with clients such as Target, HGTV, American Greetings & Chronicle Books. Katie's work has also been recognized by the Society of Illustrators & HOW Magazine.

Apart from freelance work, Katie sells art on the road at festivals, art shows, and online at her Etsy shop!

Katie currently lives in a cloud-hidden country home, nestled somewhere between the Smokey Mountains and pure bliss."


  1. I instantly fell in love with these images! Happy and beautiful!! Thanks so much for introducing her work here. :)

  2. i fell in love with the first piece of art instantly. beautiful work!

  3. Lovely! The "Take a Hike" one is my favorite :)

  4. These are so lovely! The colors, the typeface, the text...fantastic stuff.


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