Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photographer ~ Karyn from Photographia

Her Shop ~ Photographia

"Photografia Contemporary Photography is a Canadian collaborative team between myself, Karyn and my partner, Scott.

I just recently read an article on Etsy's blog, "Quit your day job" with a sign that said, "Live what you love." I truly believe everyone should live what they love and for us that is taking photographs.

We both are professional photographers who met in school (and yes, fell in love) but our true passions belong with a camera in our hands allowing us to create and capture inspiring images.

Our photographs are shot with a variety of different cameras including large format cameras (4 x 5), medium format cameras (Mamiya), DSLRs, SLRs, Polaroids and even some plastic toy cameras like Holgas and Lomos.

Our dream is to bring a piece of our inspiration into your space so have a look around and enjoy!"


  1. That first photo is so much fun! And, I could totally envision the bridge photo hanging on a wall in stretched canvas. Beautiful!

  2. Such lovely photos, first and last are my faves!

  3. These are gorgoeous!

    PS I just bought one of those "Live What You Love" prints!

  4. These images all have such wonderful composition...I think I'm partial to the first image. I love sprinkles.


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