Monday, April 19, 2010

Photographer ~ Candice Benjamin

Her Website/Blog ~ Candice Benjamin Photography

"I’m a big dork at heart.
I enjoy zombie movies, dill pickles and diet coke a little too much.

Photography is my life, and an obsession. I also have a background in graphic design and I feel that inspires me to create artistic, fun images. It also inspires me to tell a story.

I enjoy photography because I know that there is beauty all around us. I’ve lived it. I’ve seen it. It’s my job, with my camera lens, to capture it in its most pure form. This is why I enjoy taking portraits—I love to show people just how amazingly stunning they are.

I try to explore a little bit more of my world at every opportunity, and am constantly finding new and interesting places to shoot. Every day is a new adventure; you’ve just got to take that first step."


  1. I enjoyed Candice's works. And what she shares was truly inspirational. Love that last sentence. Made my Monday.

  2. love how simple and not overworked it is - i hate photography that looks expensive and contrived - love her philosophy too

  3. Candice's work is beautiful - thanks for introducing me - off to check out her website/blog now.
    Have a great day!

  4. Such beautiful images and full of color! I adore her opening line to introduce herself..."I'm a big dork at heart." It made me laugh.

  5. Gorgeous photos. Dorks are cool. I love dill pickles too!


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