Thursday, April 29, 2010

"I Create" with Joy Stallard from Snazzy Drawers

Her Shop ~ Snazzie Drawers, Her Blog ~ Distinct Design

Finally! I think I've got the hang of posting photos using my new blog format. Thanks so much to Erin from Fresh 365, Anna from In Honor of Design, and Rachel from Lovely Clusters for all their help and patience.

Enjoy meeting designer Joy Stallard from Snazzydrawers! Here are her answers for the "I Create" Interview:

"I create... because that is exactly what I was born to do. I feel "home" when I am creating no matter where I am, what the world around me is doing. If I am not creating, then I am thinking about creating.

"I love... every kind of fabric and especially textures. I adore mixing textures together...something feminine and soft with something unexpected.

I dream... that my two daughters will follow their hearts in their life and pursue their passions no matter what the world or others may tell them is the right thing to do."


Thanks so much, Joy! You are one talented lady and it's great to see the recognition you're receiving for your beautiful designs. xo


  1. I only can say one thing about her work: GORGEOUS!!!

    Vicki I'm happy to see that you are working well yet with your blog. I've found it really beautiful.

  2. there is so much inspiration + beauty + talent here. thank you!

    xo Alison

  3. SO inspiring!!!Beautiful images!! the babies are just wonderful!!!


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