Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"I Create" with Alice Wingerden

Her Jewelry Shop ~ Paradox

Her Photography Shop ~ Alice W. Photography

Her Vintage Shop ~ Alice's Looking Glass

Good morning, everyone. :) Below are the anwers the talented Alice Wingerden gave when asked to finish these 3 statements: I create..., I love..., I dream...

"I create.......pretty little things that hopefully bring beauty to the lives of others and help people notice that the smallest details can often be the most important.

I love........my family...my sweet and adoring husband, Joshua, and our Cairn terrier, Renoir. They are my whole world. I also love all things old, worn, vintage, antique, French, and romantic...

I dream........of owning an old home that I can decorate and beautify to my hearts content and fill with love and laughter...hopefully one day very soon..."


Thanks so much, Alice! I'm in awe of your talent and appreciate you sharing with us today. :)

* Please leave comments for Alice to have your name entered in this week's GIVEAWAY, a beautiful shell print by EV Photography.

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


  1. Thanks so much Vicki! I feel truly honored to be featured here ;)

  2. such beautiful images and jewelry. she is soo talented.

  3. Such beautiful images. So soft and pretty. Bravo.

  4. oh these images and objects are BEYOND... thank you for sharing such amazing talent vicki.....
    and alice...so nice to meet you! truly....

    sigh... i feel happier now...♥ kim
    p.s. i love your music. :)

  5. You're so welcome, Alice....it's an honor. :)

    Kim, you're funny. lol. Glad you're feeling happier now. I'm getting a little bored with my music now. Anybody know any more "upbeat" songs I can add to my playlist?

  6. I love all of Alice's creations!! She created my shop website for me and is a lovely person to work with and so very talented!! Beatuiful pictures!!

  7. Love to discover talents I didn´t know about - thanks for showing them! :-)

  8. wow, those are some beautiful jewelry pieces and stunning photographs as well!

  9. I have loved Alices work from the first moment I looked at one of here images ~ Always beautiful. So happy to see her featured here ~ Congrats Alice!

  10. Vicki...this woman is a treasure. The jewelry and her photos...truly inspiring.
    Such beauty...I love talented people :)
    (came over from flickr )

  11. I love how romantic these all are! Stunning!

  12. Such beautiful things...the images are gorgeous! Beth

  13. Beautiful texture on the photographs!

  14. Such gorgeous and beautiful photos, i'm sorta blown away.

  15. I love Alice's work and her whole aesthetic. Very distinctive and romantic. – g

  16. What a talented lady! I could stare at these pictures all day!


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~ Vicki