Thursday, April 8, 2010

Favorite Four ~ Colors of the Moment

When I spotted these colorful home photos on Flickr a few days ago I knew I wanted to do a post about my FAVORITE 4 house colors....of the moment, at least. The colors that stand out to me the most in this home's color scheme are:


I love the crispness and freshness of these tones! I tend to change my preferences with each changing season, though. Are you like that? In the Fall and Winter I lean towards cozy warm colors and in the Spring and Summer I'm drawn to fresh light colors like the ones in these photos.

Jutta, the homeowner, is a new contact of mine on Flickr and I'm not only inspired by her decorating talent and eye for beauty, she's also a gifted ARTIST, taking time to sketch every single day and posting a "Monday Morning Coffee and Sketch" on her blog. Over the weekend I took out my drawing pencils and sketch pad again (it's been a long time) and now I can't put them down! Thanks for the inspiration, Jutta. :)

Here's what Jutta says about herself on her blog:

"I'm Jutta and this is my blog Kootut murut.

I started Kootut Murut when we were about to buy a rintamamiestalo, a certain type of house built after WW II. At the same time I discovered the world of blogs. I realized there were quite a lot of people living my dream, renovating old houses and doing all kinds of creative things. So I started reading blogs and pretty soon started my own.

During the day I work as a freelance graphic designer / illustrator. My background is in web design and 2D animation. During the evening - and a lot of nights - I walk our dogs and renovate our home with my husband Panu. We do most of the work ourselves, it's pretty much a learning process. Living in a house over 50 years old, we try to preserve as much of the history as we can. We are the second owners and there's quite a lot of original features left, although covered with newer layers. We want to save as much of it as possible, so maybe in another 50 years time somebody else will peek under the layers of wallpapers and discover all that history."


I think I asked a similar question recently, but I'm curious what you do to remain creative? When and how do you make the time? What projects are you working on right now?

Btw, my husband and I are leaving on a mini-vacation to Port Townsend for our birthdays (mine's tomorrow!) and anniversary, so I won't be holding the Spotlights tomorrow (Friday) or Monday. I'll post the "I Create" interview on Tuesday and then hold the Artist Spotlights as usual on Wednesday and Friday. :)

Have a great weekend and I'll see you next Tuesday (I'll announce the GIVEAWAY winner then, too)! xo


  1. Love the home decor photos! I've been on a turquoise binge: clothes, great purse, kitchen accents, even my art work. Still looking for turquoise shoes.
    My creative urges seem to surge and ebb. Sometimes I just have to drop everything and pay attention to my muse, even when she calls at 2:00 am.

  2. How beautiful! Her home looks beautiful, warm and creative. Love those colours too, especially in the spring.

    Have a wonderful time away! Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks, Gina and Karen! I always appreciate both of your comments. xo

  4. Love those gorgeous colors and her wonderful sense of composition and design - you could never be unhappy in a place like that.

  5. This is gorgeous, and I just loove that last photo!

  6. Love the mix of colors and patterns. It creates such wonderful layers.

  7. Love Jutta's house and her blog, too. The colors are so cheery and fun!

  8. i hope your time away is filled with colors you love...and happiest birthday/anniversary.

    I relish my visits here and have included you on my blog roll...

  9. Juttas home is truly inspiring and beautiful. Just as your blog. Happy to have found you :-)

  10. happiest birthday/anniversary to both of you.
    The colors of theses homes are so gorgeous,now aim also inspired to have lots of bold clear colors around me.

  11. love the interviews. colours are gorgeous too.

  12. I love getting to know other artists. beautiful images. I love these colors. I will be checking out her blog!

  13. I love this combination of colors and her house is beautiful! I too tend to lean toward different colors with the changing seasons.

    I'm having a bit of a problem remaining creative lately. Life. I do enjoy flickr and looking through magazines to see what others are up to.

    Happy Belated Birthday my dear! Sorry I'm not more on the ball. I do hope you enjoyed your day and your getaway. ♥


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki