Monday, April 26, 2010

Artist ~ Angela of Angela Fehr Watercolor

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"I'm inspired by the small moments of everyday beauty and I try to capture that in my watercolour paintings. I live in a rural area of northern British Columbia, Canada, and I love sharing glimpses of this region that I've chosen to live in - so many would consider it too remote, or too cold, but it is really a special place.

I don't paint as much as I'd like to these days - I homeschool my two daughters and entertain my three-year-old son, and I've been bitten by the scrapbooking bug which is my main creative outlet right now. My husband is building me a studio which will be a space for me to combine my many artistic pursuits, as well as teaching workshops, sharing what I know."


Good morning! I hope your weekend was just what you needed. Did you get some relaxing in, do something creative, make memories with friends or family? Or, was it a weekend you spent just catching your breath and catching up around the house? Mine was a real mix, although I can't say I accomplished much in the area of creativity.

Well, there are 3 new artists for you to learn about today! You may have already seen their work featured on other blogs or even in a few magazines, because they're all super talented and have had plenty of press coverage.

Btw, thankyou so much for leaving encouraging comments for the featured artists. The Volume 25 Giveaway is still taking place, so please continue to leave your comments to support the artists and to have your name entered in this popular giveaway. :)

Before I close (I promised myself I'd get alot of housework done today...oh, yippee) I wanted to let you know that tomorrow I'll be posting an "I Create" interview with one of my favorite Etsy'll have to drop by and see who it is. ;)

Have a great Monday, sweet friends, and I'll see you then! xo

P.S. I've been having some technical issues this morning. Sorry about the confusion.


  1. Oh I love to paint with watercolors! and these are just so lovely!!!

  2. lovely - i have some watercolors up on my blog - i just love how they flow and surprise me:)

  3. Beautiful work Angela. The colors are bright and inspiring.

  4. oh how lovely!! such beautiful work angela!! truly!

  5. Very beautiful! Your blog is awesome too!

  6. Wow, I love the waves and the mushroom!

  7. These watercolors are amazing! Watercolor is something I've always wanted to try but, never have...bad I know. This has inspired me to think about it a little more. :)

  8. I am partial to watercolors and these are so lovely!


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