Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Inspiration ~ Being "Real"

Mocking Bird

Mother May I

Haus Maus

Carrying On

The Pioneer Woman

Good morning! How was your weekend? We had a busy day on Saturday and a lazy one on Sunday. :) My son's soccer season just started so we went to his scrimmage and then to his highschool team's basketball playoffs later in the day. It was one of those games where you're on the edge of your seat because the two teams were always just a few points from eachother. In the end, the opposing team one by 1 point!

Anyways, while I wait for a few more submissions to come in for the SPOTLIGHT ON ARTISTS SERIES (see the post below this one), I thought I'd post a few things for you this week. When I first started blogging last March, I discoverd so many decorating blogs with beautiful photos of homes, clothes, jewelry, etc. I find so much inspiration through their gorgeous photos, inspirational interviews, and style guidance, but I've also been excited to discover that there seems to be a "movement" towards being genuine and transparent on your blog. Sometimes when you're sitting there with your morning cup of coffee/tea, you can't picture that there's a real person behind the blog you're reading. But lately, it's been so refreshing and inspiring to me to see bloggers talking about things that are important to them...their likes, dislikes, struggles, and triumphs. I've left a few links for you to follow underneath the images above. These bloggers have inspired me to be more transparent in what I share here on Simply Hue. What do you think of "being real" on your blog? Do you like to read blogs that feel more personal (like you're visiting a friend) or do you prefer blogs that stick to style and decorating? I'd love to hear you thoughts. :)

Speaking of "being real", I need to go eat some breakfast and get dressed! I'm sitting here in my p.j.'s with no makeup and no food in my stomache. Sigh....I definitely need to come up with a more organized morning routine! lol.

Have a great new week and keep on sending in your submissions for the SPOTLIGHTS (I need a few more designers and artists)!


  1. oh goodness, all of these pictures are so pretty but that horse one made me stop for a minute just to look at it!! i LOVE horses and the colors/textures of that photograph are just divine. :) i love that word.
    happy monday, miss vicki!!! i hope that you have a lovely week!! xo

  2. Thanks for including me in your list of "real" bloggers, Vicki.
    I love design/style/inspiration blogs and they definitely have their purpose but I think this shift is happening because there are SO many blogs like that out there now.
    Some days I can see the same thing posted about on 8 different blogs and that gets a bit boring.

    I just think blogs are far more interesting if they have original content.

  3. I agree, Amanda. :)

    Hey, Kendall! I love horses, too. xo

  4. wow, i really love your new look! :) and the photos you've posted are all gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful choice of images! I totally agree- I like to read blogs where I connect with the blogger on a personal level. It keeps me coming back!

  6. i think i prefer a bit of both aesthetics and personality when reading other people's blogs. if the blog is just a list of pictures, i get very bored. a combination of some eye candy and some food for the brain is perfect! i think pia jane bijkerk's blog is a good example of what i mean.

    i actually abandoned my old blog because i got tired of just writing about interior decoration. i still like nice images, but i want them to illustrate my life a bit - even if i usually write just a few words. i've also got a "twin blog" with only my photos. it's like having a scrapbook and a diary!

    oh, and your blog makeover turned out very well =)

    trudi (formerly the deco detective)

  7. There's room for both types of blogs in my blogroll, but I certainly prefer blogging "real." The connections that I make through my blog are what keep me writing everyday, and I think it takes a personal blog to make good blogging friends.

  8. This is a great post. Thank you for pointing out the fact that the super saturated and beautiful photos may have a place but so do those of every day real life. They both matter and have a place.

  9. Keeping it real kind of scares me a bit. Rarely, but still sometimes I get comments on my blog entries from anonymous names. It makes me nervous because it could either be a complete stranger (unlikely) or someone I know who doesn't want me to know they are reading!

    The lousy part is that it causes a bit of self-censorship, but at the same time... that's what journals are for right?

    I love reading people's blogs! There are a LOT of blogs that just post stolen photos. Posting an image is fine until you get to the point where the blog is nothing but other people's hard work, so how can the blogger take any credit for that? Impossible, I should think.


Thanks so much for your comments. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas are important to me!

~ Vicki