Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photographer ~ Susannah from Susannah Tucker Photography

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"A little bit about the girl behind the camera -

I am a self taught photographer and full time mother inspired by my daughters laugh, my sons newborn deliciousness, the connection I see between people, the warmth of the sun, and a stark landscape. I love vibrant colours, watching the clouds drift across a blue sky, spring blossoms, the feel of sand and grass underfoot, rustic country scenes, all things vintage and brown paper packages wrapped in string. My favourite thing of all....getting lost in a daydream....

Photography for me is magical and mysterious. I was given my first camera by my parents when I was 8 (a Vivitar, I still have it), and even before having my own camera I was always fascinated with the magic of it all. My mother would press a button on the polaroid camera, and a piece of paper would emerge that slowly revealed an image, a moment in time forever captured. What is more amazing than that? I love nothing more than to hear the click of the shutter release on a camera, to capture an image that makes me think "WOW". If someone else likes the photo too, well, that is the ultimate bonus.

Being self taught I focus more on the emotion of an image than the technical aspects. I am always experimenting with various mediums, so there will always be something new added to my shop as my art evolves.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, this is just the beginning……………"


  1. the butterly photos are so girly and beautiful!

  2. i love your inspirations and that you are documenting your journey. I can't wait to check out your shop!

  3. oh lovely! simply gorgeous. i love the colors, the tones-everything!!! :)

  4. I like the muted colors and dreamy quality. I see that's a picture of the Diana Mini. Are the photos taken by a Diana? I recently bought one because every now and then on the internet I came across a photo that had such unique compelling beauty, and almost every time it turned out it was lomography (sometimes polaroid).

  5. didn't know that susannah tucker is self taught! wow. long time fan!

  6. oh, I love these ... I want to spread my wings and fly too :)

  7. The butterflies in her hair are just gorgeous! Love this work!


  8. Susannah's butterfly images caught my attention immediately – I really love them. And I love her slogan, too – getting lost in a daydream is a wonderful thing!

  9. I love the feel of Susannah's work. Those butterflies are my favorites!


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