Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Morning Inspiration & a Winner!

Image by Me

Good was your weekend? Do anything special? I had a fun day spent with my Mom on Saturday. We went to two craft fairs, an antique store, and out to lunch. Then we went back to her house for a game of Scrabble (my Mom loves Scrabble) and she beat me by a landslide! Aw,'s just a game, it's just a game. lol.

O.k., now to announce the WINNER of the beautiful original painting by Deanna Pamenter. Drumroll please! The winner is LANA from Lanalou Style! Yay, Lana! I'll pass your contact info. on to Deanna and you can let her know which of these gorgeous paintings you would like. Thanks again, Deanna. :)

Hope your week is a good one, everyone. I'm looking forward to sharing some cool things with you! xo Here's a quote for your Monday morning:

“LEARN from YESTERDAY, LIVE for TODAY, HOPE for TOMORROW.” Albert Einstein


  1. i love the colors in that photo!! the part about the quote that i love so much is "learn from yesterday" ... hoping to catch a chat with you this week :)

  2. I love this photo Vicki!!! Are those eggs real? Fabulous color!!!

  3. Oh wow, how exciting! Thanks Vicki!!
    And I love your photo today, it's stunning!x

  4. Love Scrabble! Congrats to the winner and great quote!

  5. oh man, what a great giveaway, sad i missed it! congrats to Lana!

  6. How beautiful.The quote simply shows the importance of everyday.Take care.

  7. Hi Vicki,

    Thank you so much for your visit and lovely comment! I love your blog...what a feast for the eyes! I've added you to my blog roll as well.

    Those egges are the most amazing color, isn't nature fabulous?!

  8. I love your image. You have a lovely blog! I am adding you to my reader. I also love your post on artists.

  9. Thanks for your kind comments, everyone. Promise to be back next week! :)

    I appreciate you adding me to your blogrolls, Karyn and Krys. xo

  10. I really love your photos! They are so beautiful! Great work - looking forward to seeing more!


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~ Vicki