Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest Post: Red, Green & Yellow Mood Board

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am guest posting for Vicki today. Vicki loves the color boards I post on my Design Lovely blog so I decided to do one for hers. I chose Vicki's lovely "Evening Cup" photo as my color source of inspiration.

These three colors can be found during the holidays but also often times in nature and anytime of the year. I think that is why I am so drawn to them. They are so cheerful and pretty! I hope you like my color mood board and I will be back again next month with another post. Thanks for having me and a lovely day!


  1. Beautiful colors - these images definitely put me on the holiday spirit :)

  2. Beautiful mood board Rachel. I love that cranberry cup with the yellow rose laying next to it. These are great colors together.

  3. Thanks for such a beautiful guest post, Rachel. I love this color combination! xo

  4. I'm glad you guys liked it! Thanks for having me. :)

  5. Lovely, warm and tantalizing. Thanks for your inspiration Rachel. You are amazing!

  6. Great storyboard, gets you in the festive spirit!


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~ Vicki