Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Judit Chiaroscuro

Her Flickr: From the set, Everything Forgotten Her Blog ~ Designers Scrapbook

"I work as a graphic designer in Vienna, Austria, and currently see the art I am making as "me quality-time" to free my head from the everyday work.
I have had smaller exhibitions in Vienna, Czech Republic and Brooklyn, NY."


  1. I really enjoyed spending some time on your blog Judit. You have some fun things to view and read! Also, I love how you use the images of women in your art and also the vintage touches; your work is so unique and that really sets you apart; your sense of humor shows through also!

  2. i adore vintage photographs and love how Judit has used them in her work.

  3. Now this is total Beauty!
    The vintage photos are wonderful.. I will go check your blog!
    Thank you so much for 'Sharing'..
    Darlene Pringle

  4. Wonderful! I love the retro look and feel. I'm checking out the blog next. Thanks!

  5. the second one is my favorite. I love the tones.

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