Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Jaime Raybin

Her Website ~ Jaime Raybin

"Jaime Raybin has exhibited work at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, the Renaissance Center, Dangenart Gallery, Twist Gallery, and the University of the South. She has won awards, including Best in Show at the Customs House Museum juried exhibition, and second place in 12"x12": a juried show of small works at MTSU. Through Off the Wall, a six member artist collective in Nashville, Tennessee, she has shown in many self-organized group shows, both in commercial galleries and raw spaces. Raybin earned a BFA from Watkins College of Art and Design in 2006.

In addition to being an exhibiting artist, Raybin is involved in several art organizations. Raybin currently serves as President of Plate Tone Printshop, a community printmaking studio in Nashville. Raybin was on the Board of Directors of the Secret Show Series, a Nashville group dedicated to displaying contemporary, often experimental art in nontraditional art spaces. In 2005 the Secret Show Series operated an alternative art space, 310 Chestnut St, out of an old record plating facility."


  1. i think the second painting here is my favorite. i love the color, the mood, & composition. nice work, :).

  2. I find the first to be playful, and the second painting touches my heart with the sincerity of it all. your paintings are quite unusual and give me thought and I really like that about them. Plus the colors are very very pleasing. I love that you are so independent of style and expression.

  3. what unique art! I love the colors of the second one, but the detail of the last one. Looks like a carbonated beverage!

  4. Wow - what a resume! I really enjoy the contemporary feel of the prints shown here and of the work listed on her web site - so different from the other work shown on Vicki's spotlights. Vicki - you have curated a top notch spotlight series!

  5. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments!

  6. Thanks Jaime!! Yay! She is my friend from College! So great to see you here on one of my favorite blogs!!


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