Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Darlene Pringle

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"I am a self taught artist who loves to create. I have used oils, watercolor, acrylics, porcleain clay, paperclay, papermache, and glass medium. I am currently creating mixed media art and papermache which I feel allows me to unleash. I've had a deep background in porcelain dollmaking, and I made one polymer clay doll. I enjoy making 'fun-art' for people to enjoy. I enjoy music, gardening and travel.
Thank you for visiting me!"


  1. Love these! Sweet, kind of folk arty, colorful, mixed media pictures. Great detail, my fav. is the middle one.

  2. I really love the mixed media you use! My favorite is also the one in the middle. :)

  3. I love the deep expressive eyes of the ladies in your paintings and the colors are brilliant!

  4. Darlene, Your ladies are wonderful. I like all of them but the sweetness in the bottom one is so evident and I really really like her. Congratulations on being a featured artist. You are very deserving.
    And have we talked about this before? I too have a deep background in procelain dollmaking.

  5. Congratulations Darlene! I'm so happy for you to be featured like this! YOur girls are beautiful and you capture such expression in the beautiful eyes you paint!
    Super hugs,

  6. Darlene, I always LOVE looking at your work and so happy to see you as a featured artist here. I love these selections, with their soulful eyes and expressive features. You have your own, unique style! xo-teri

  7. [insert sound of me whistling really loud] whoo, Darlene! These are great! I can't get over how spectacularly gorgeous that last one is....all three, though, are just excellent work. really and truly. You have a gift.

    Congratulations on being featured....it's well deserved....and about time.

  8. To all whom have posted here in reference to my art work, I wish to thank you from the depth of my heart.. which is deep!
    So nice to hear such positive comments!
    Hugs, Darlene Pringle..

  9. Darlene your work is growing by leaps and bounds! it is exquisite, I especially love your newest beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your vision!

  10. Great work Darlene, A well deserved honor. I love the beautiful tender expressions on the faces of the girls you paint, and they have wonderful eyes, very nice.

  11. Beautiful work by a very talented artist. Wow I just love the last image, look at her eyes, gorgeous!

    Your artistic talent really impresses me . I love your work and admire you greatly.YOU have such a loving/caring heart and I think it comes out in your art work. Sometimes no one else can understand "our" vision but don't let other people get you down. I think if some of the really famous artists of the past felt that way we wouldn't have such great art pieces in museum's today. Listen to your own muse whispering in your ear and create what YOU like.
    I like your ladies , they always make me feel happy . I'm so proud of you to be chosen and included in this group of featured artists. I know you strive hard to please everyone and work hard creating your art in whatever medium you choose . No one here deserves this more than YOU. The last image should have the title of LADY MADONNA - she is so angelic. Keep creating your paintings and thank you for bringing such beauty into the world.

  13. well Darlene, you know how I feel about your art work! It is so lovely and peaceful and colorful and expressive. It is so hard to pick a favorite but I believe it is the middle one. I just love the tilt of her head and the colors. It is so beautiful there really are no words for it. It simply is. What really speaks to me is the heart that is present in each one; a huge amount of heart and that is so beautifully you

  14. Today my Heart is quieted by your momentous
    beautiful comments. IN a time when WORLD is HURTING, I am very greatful to find all of you so "appreciative" of my work.
    Sometimes, as Artist's we feel, "OUR" art does not fit in.. but then I ask, "fit in to "what and where?".. ART IS ART. It is called "Freedom of Soul" and how greatful I am for that because ART heals the human soul.
    Hugs to all, and Thank you once again!
    ~Darlene Staiduhar Pringle

  15. These are amazing and just look at those eyes(O:

  16. Lovely to learn more about you Darlene~
    Your art is charming, I just enjoy looking at each and every piece. Thank you for sharing your beauty in this way.


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