Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Featured Artist ~ Caroline Saganich

Her Shop ~ Cool Ranch Studio Her Blog ~ Oh Chalet!

"i am a painter and stay-at-home mommy living in the boston area and sometimes in vermont, with my husband, little boy, and a big black cat. i can't remember a time when i didn't think of myself as an artist (i have very clear memories of secretly making little books under my desk in elementary school). as an adult, i went to school for graphic arts and photography and since then i have dabbled in everything from printmaking, to ceramics, and painting. i really enjoy the messiness of painting and love to mix and play with color."


  1. This is sooo adorable. I've checked her blog and her work and it's fabulous!


  2. I love the child-like simplicity of Caroline's paintings. It reminds me that even though life can be complicated, its wonderful to enjoy the daily wonders: snow falling, a giant pumpkin, home. Wonderful imagery!

  3. The little house painting is so sweet!

  4. I really love the simplicity. And the tones in the house painting. just lovely!

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  6. well my fave is the snowstorm (I love silos). I just love the simplicity of your paintings, and the owl in front of the fire with a pipe in his/her mouth is precious!

  7. Oh ! Thanks for sharing this, Vicki !
    Awesome new find ! I love the winter-y feeling, the wee original paintings, the owl ...
    My mum will love it : it will remind her of her native Canada :)
    x x x


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