Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful Photo Galleries by Rachel Follett

Today I want to introduce you to several galleries that my friend, Rachel Follett, has put together on Flickr. She is so talented at finding gorgeous photos! Make sure you have some spare time to browze, because it's addictive going through the photos she's selected. goes! I'll give you the name of the gallery and one photo from each. When you click on the link beneath the image, you'll be lead to the gallery page to view other photos under the same topic.

GALLERY #1 ~ "GOING SOMEWHERE" ~ Photo by Simple Tess

GALLERY #2 "CHAT OVER TEA" ~ Photo by Patricia Snook

GALLERY #3 ~ "LONG VIEW OF GATE"~ Photo by Miss V

GALLERY #4 "PLAY ME A TUNE" ~ Photo by pony_tail

GALLERY #5 ~ "RUFFLES" ~ Photo by Such Pretty Things

If you take some time to visit Rachel's galleries, come back here and let me know which one's your favorite. :)


  1. Eeek! I love how put this together! Thank you so much for mentioning my galleries. They are so fun and I am so glad you enjoy them!

  2. She has some great galleries! I like the Going Somewhere and the Winter Wonderland galleries best.

  3. You're welcome, Rachel. :) I really like the two galleries you mentioned, too, Amy.

  4. These collections are truely a way to get lost! At the moment I easily connect with the photos that are included in Rachel's collections of vintage dishware... I should start using this flickr tool, too!

  5. I love the going somewhere gallery! Who doesn't love trunks/suitcases...especially the vintage ones. So glad I found your blog! :)

  6. Yes these galleries are amazing, I am going to go get lost now and avoid the laundry machines. :)


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