Thursday, October 1, 2009

Keepsakes ~ The Shop

The entrance of Keepsakes, a quaint shop in a small town in Western Washington.

A "Yellow Brick Road". One of many murals handpainted by the owner of Keepsakes.

Shelves brimming with all sorts of tempting home decor and bath and body products.

A Keepsakes mural as you enter into a world of beauty and nostalgia.

More lovely items from the Keepsake shelves!

Good morning! I did it....I mangaged to prepare a post for today. Yay! Above are photos of the shop I mentioned to you yesterday. I hope these images give you a feel about what visitors experience at Keepsakes. The outside appearance is very deceiving with it's somewhat rustic exterior. Once you step in the door, it's a very different story. Eye candy galore! A mix of shabby chic with rustic European accents gives Keepsakes a homey and welcoming vibe. Not only does the owner run the shop completely by herself, she also finds time to paint murals on nearly every floor surface including the outside and inside of this charming shop. Her favorite mural is the "yellow brick road" (above) which graciously leads customers to a door leading to the public restroom. As you leave Keepsakes you are directed to choose a "blessing" (a teeny rolled up piece of paper with well-wishes for your day) from a basket that sits on the counter. To top it all off, they have a small bistro offering coffee, tea, chocolate, and other delectable treats!

Do you have a small shop near you that takes you away from the daily stresses? Tell us about it! :)


  1. What a gorgeous shop! We have an antique store in a nearby town that I love to find little treasures at!! I wish it had more things like Keepsakes, though - I can only look through the antique dishes so many times at mine!!

    PS - I was nominated for a blog award and I had to pass on the blog love to 7 others and I picked you! Head over and check it out!!

    :) Lindsay

  2. Thanks so much for the award, Lindsey. :) I left a comment on your blog.

  3. I love Kobo a Japanese art & artesian shop in my Capital Hill/Seattle neighborhood ( The shop mixes ancient inspired, modern and post modern items with magical ease (seriously, don't know how they pull it off)! I love stopping in to see what's new but I love even more peeking through the windows when they are closed at night. Also, they have the added benefit of being in the 'Loveless building' a little cottage Tudor building that mixes street facing storefronts with an interior courtyard of townhomes built by Arthur Loveless in 1930...

  4. oh, i love it! there are so many adorable shops here in cincinnati that i couldn't possibly name them all. i don't really have a favorite, but the vintage shops up in lebanon are delightful.

  5. Lovely! Luckily, the shop I work in is my favourite place for beautiful things :)

  6. its a gorgeous little shop.. i envy it ! i don have any such shops in my place.... hmmm.. :(

  7. This seems like a gorgeous store that can make you stay in their store for hours and get you coming back for more!

  8. Thanks so much for your comments. :) It really is a great little shop. Very therapeutic! xo

  9. You really did a nice job displaying how beautiful this store is.


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