Monday, October 26, 2009

Funky Found Art by Cat Bishop

If you needed a chuckle this morning, hopefully these fun photos by Cat Bishop spurred you on. I know they did me. Since my camera broke over the weekend (and it's going to be a while until I can purchase a new one), Cat's first camera photo above caught my eye this morning while I was browsing Etsy.

"Found Art" is a fairly new term to me. Here's how the dictionary describes it.

The term FOUND ART, more commonly "found object" or "readymade" describes art created from the undisguised, but often modified, use of objects that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a non-art function. Marcel Duchamp was the originator of this in the early 20th century.

Here's a brief background on Cat Bishop:

"Cat Bishop elevates recycling to an art form. Vintage objects collected from flea markets and thrift stores—old toys, dishes, cameras, car parts, game pieces—get assembled and reenvisioned as oddly human and animal sculptures. Singles, couples, and whole families emerge from her ability to imagine anything as a body part—domino feet, cue ball heads, xylophone torsos, teapot bellies. The beings that populate her world of art are both strange and proud—"feel good" creations that evoke sympathy and humor at the same time. Great gifts. Cat Bishop has sold over 150 sculptures to date on Etsy, many of the buyers being repeat customers, evidence of buyer satisfaction. Her work resides in private collections worldwide, including Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland and the UK."

Cat's funky photos have been featured on notable blogs such as Poppytalk, Cuteable, and Jennski Studio. Craft magazine has also featured her work along with Apartment Therapy.

These may not be the style of photos you or I prefer to hang in our homes (or maybe they are!), but I think we can appreciate Cat's images for their uniqueness and originality. Oh, and for their vibrant, fun COLORS. :)


  1. Oooooh! *big smile* I especially loved the last photo with the hand held mixer handles...pretty darn inventive!

  2. Those are great! So original and inventive!

  3. Thanks for the kind words and feature, just wanted to add a link to my shop:


  4. We all need that kind of humor in our lives!

  5. Thanks for the link, Cat. I thought I left one....oops! ;)


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