Thursday, September 3, 2009

Colorful Designs by Bean and the Sprout

Her Shop ~ Bean and the Sprout

"Bean and the Sprout is a line of handmade accessories that captures the genteel charm of the Deep South. Although I am a Midwestern gal, there is a special place in my heart for the South. I am fascinated with the sweet elegance of southern ladies. Everything moves just a little bit slower down there, but with an effortless, graceful touch.

Each piece is created using vintage fabrics and my own two hands. They are all one- of- a- kind pieces, meant to give your look an easy going elegance and charm. Whether you are sitting under a magnolia tree, or walking down the street, they are the perfect touch to any ensemble."


  1. i adore the yellow floral necklace, not that the rest aren't lovely. The yellow is just so cheerful. great way to recycle vintage materials!

  2. Oh, i *super* heart fabric flowers with petals of *ruffles*! Seriously, they're my favorite :) Soo pretty!

  3. These are amazing!!! I love the way that they are photographed as well- really unique! My favourite is definitely the yellow one- gorgeous!

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous, work!
    just lovely!

  5. *swoon* Beautiful! And such vibrant colours!

  6. These are divine. I LOVE that peachy yellow one. So cool.

  7. these are seriously lovely -- yet again very similar to rachel's frilly headbands and belts at heart of light!


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