Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beautiful Pottery by White Earth

Her Shop ~ White Earth Studio

"White Earth, a series of porcelain vessels, is a homage to my childhood in the Dakotas, its visual images and memories. It is a deep respect, a bowing down to the earth where I have experienced it.

Walking the freshly plowed fields as a child, I would find fossils, shells and arrowheads heads. I have renewed and extended my fascination with these shapes. I have discovered new connections between the prairie (once an inland sea) and the ocean. Like the prairie and the sea, my pieces display hues against large neutral backgrounds - a touch of pink or a glint of pearl - finding a prairie rose in a otherwise green meadow, or a single shell on a stretch of sand.

White Earth comes from some part of me that works unconsciously, a part that reaches down into my memories. White Earth comes from that private part of me, and I hope it will touch that part in others."


  1. Such delicate, pale flowers. Beginning to bloom.

  2. The textures in her work are simply stunning. Amazing find, Vicki!

  3. beautiful, has a calming effect by just looking at them all.

  4. as a fan of bold colors i surprised myself with being drawn to this work. i LOVE the subtle colors, they are so appropriately used, just a dash to highlight lovely detail the artist constructed. anything more would take away from her attention to detail. I am also in love with the forms, textures and shapes it is all so luscious.

  5. i absolutely love your work! beautiful and romantic <3

  6. Vicki, Thank you so much for the beautiful feature of my work. I appreciate all of your time and effort. Reading the comments has been lovely too. I have been so isolated in the studio since not participating in art fairs for the last six years,hense the comments are encouraging.

  7. whoops. I accidently pushed the anonymous button on above comment.
    Nancy Monsebroten


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