Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back from the Beach

I love the ocean and this was one of the clearer shots I took this weekend at the beach. It was a rainy, gray weekend with short bursts of sunshine.

I took this photo on our way home from our mini vacation. I've been wanting to take a picture of a ferris wheel for a while now, and was pretty excited when my husband pulled the car over for me to take this shot.

We toured this historic lighthouse on Saturday. It's actually a seagreen color, but when I was processing it my kids' told me it looked like it was out of a horror movie, so I changed it up a bit. lol.

For some reason this rustic blue bench caught my attention as we walked down the main street of a small beach town.

O.k., this photo has nothing to do with our trip to the ocean, but I needed some pink in this post to balance all the green. ;) I took this shot in front of our house a couple of days before we left for the ocean. The pink bike is a vintage Schwinn I've owned for over 20 years!

*Sorry about the blurriness of these photos....for some reason I'm not able to size them this morning on Blogger. Yep, it's a Monday. Can't believe it's already here! Did you have a nice weekend? Hopefully you feel rejuvenated for the week ahead. My husband and I took off Saturday morning for Westport, Washington and enjoyed a much needed retreat. On our way there we stopped at the Westport Winery. What a cool place! The grounds are beautiful, the service is excellent, and the wine......yum.

Our next stop was Tradewinds By The Bay Hotel, a beautifully remodeled 16 room hotel by Willapa Bay, just outside of Westport. We spent the weekend visiting historic sites, window shopping, enjoying amazing seafood, and combing the beaches. My husband was determined to find a green glass floater buried on the beach in the sea kelp. Unfortunately, it didn't happen.....poor guy. While we were there, there was a huge storm with gale force winds (I love powerful weather, so I was in heaven) and I'll never forget seeing my husband's coat hood blow up to balloon proportions around his head. It gave me my best laugh of the weekend. ;)

Anyways, just thought I'd fill you in on our weekend. It's been a long time since we've managed to sneak away, so it was great. It's nice to be back, though, and I'm looking forward to this week's posts. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Have a great Monday!


  1. lovely photos - and reading your post, i almost feel like i was the one went to the beach, :) thanks for sharing your weekend!

  2. I am so happy that you and your husband got to sneak away. Your trip looks absolutely lovely! I really love all the beautiful colors. Great job!

  3. what sweet photos!!! and such a beautiful place to visit! sign me up :) so glad to have you back here in the blog world!

  4. i think that, perhaps, ferris wheels in the daytime are one of the most beautiful things in the world.
    really lovely photos! each one of them are so beautiful, i love the colors!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to take these shots of all the yummy spots you visited over the weekend, it looked like a lot of fun!

  6. Thanks, everyone. :) It's been kind of a challenging Monday so it was nice to come home to your sweet messages. xo

  7. These photos are amazing. I just want to say that your blog was very involving. The way you write it makes me (and Caroline) Feel like we were there. I only just found the blog but im looking forward to the next update :)

  8. Love the green tone on these photo.
    I feel like I'm in a old silent movie.
    Love the lighthouse shot too, wow!

  9. Beautiful photos! I love how you set out to capture the images that were in your mind. It's challenging, but oh so rewarding when your vision becomes reality!! ;o)

  10. Thanks, Daniel. Sometimes I struggle with the words to write, so I'm glad to hear that you feel drawn in by them.

    Kitty and Helen, your encouraging words mean a lot. Thanks!

  11. lovely photos dear:)it's so nice you had the chance to escape to the beach:)have a lovely week.

  12. beautiful photos, the ferris wheel is amazing!

  13. Hi Vicki!
    Wowsers! Your photos are gorgeous and I loved reading about your getaway -sounds perfect!!!

  14. aw, your beach photos are just lovely vicki!! :)
    thanks for sharing!

    xo. danni

  15. vicki. oh my goodness. im incredibly impressed!! i love the ferris wheel and the bike so much. you have an amazing talent. thanks for being so brave to share your work with us. its soothing and so balanced.

  16. You guys are so sweet....thanks! Enjoy your weekend. :)


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~ Vicki