Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Colorful Things!

Images 1 & 5 ~ Simply Hue Photo 2 ~ My Vintage Garden Photo 3 ~ Diana827 Photo 4 ~ Paula

Woo hoo! Friday's here! I hope you're looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. :) Do you have any fun plans or just plans to relax and do absolutely nothing? I'm hoping we'll go to the fair this weekend. I'm eager to take some fair photos before the rain takes over.

Thanks for all of your kind and encouraging comments this week. I really appreciate all of you! See you on Monday!

P.S. Notice I slipped two of my photos in? Thanks for indulging me. ;)


  1. Great collection of images, so beautiful. And I am definitely looking forward to this weekend, too. Just relaxing and not having to do much!

  2. Beautiful collection of photos. I love the color of the cherries, and love the barn.

  3. beautiful photos!! you're quite talented ;) i love how peaceful your photos are ... they make me want to be in that exact place. i hope you have a great weekend. i hope to be nothing but relaxing! :)

  4. beautiful photos.i like the fact you've put some of your owns there.

  5. These are great - I love your eye for photos :)

  6. wow! these are gorgeous vicki. love what you are doing now. so beautiful!

  7. gorgeous images.
    love them all.
    very inspiring.


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~ Vicki