Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Memories of Childhood by Mandy Lynne

Mandy Lynne's Website Her Etsy Shop

I'm in complete awe of photographer, Mandy Lynne's, talent. Her images take me back to carefree days and stir up sweet memories. Remember the last days of Summer, preparing for and maybe even dreading the onset of school, running through and plunging into piles of crunchy leaves? These lovely images are a great reminder of simpler days. And, if you want a real treat visit Mandy's website for a dreamy slide show with mesmerising music in the background.

Here's what Mandy said when I asked her what inspired her:

"My desire right now is to express myself artistically through COLOR

COLOR always fascinates me.. the surprising way in which the SHADES
compliment each other, the MOOD they create, the way COLOR defines
different decades..

I've had a long love affair with vintage... and to combine this style with
a modern set of FRESH COLORS, gives it new life."

Mandy, thank you for the honor of featuring your work......perfection. :)


  1. very very lovely . thanks for sharing and introducing me to this brilliant talented artist :)

  2. her photos are delightful and thank you for the link to her shop!

  3. loved these. i am completely transported to the time when "back-to-school" meant something so exciting and least for me! :)

  4. The photos do look like a different era--one of innocense--makes me so nostalgic, I can taste it!

  5. these are terrific! And your title set up the mood perfectly to view these together -- thank you :)!

  6. Lol! I agree, Dawn. I get all dreamy and sentimental when I look at them and especially when I visit Mandy's website. My family laughs at me because I get this sappy expression on my face.

    Thanks for your kind comments everyone!

  7. sigh ... all those photos remind me what i love the most about fall ...

  8. are right when saying these photos take you away in carefree days...

  9. So beautiful! These shots are all the best things about fall.

  10. These photos are amazing. Well done.

  11. Thanks everyone.. Vicki you're wonderful!

  12. Thanks for sharing! I love her beautiful photography!

  13. congrats!
    you're such an inspiration to me! :)

  14. Beautiful photographs, definitely evocative of childhood.


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