Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guest Poster ~ We Heart This

Good morning! Hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods. It's supposed to get up to 90 degrees here in Seattle today! That's a little more heat than I'm used to, but I'm trying not to complain too much, since rain is the "norm" around here.

I'm so excited to welcome guest poster, Stef, from We Heart This! Her blog is packed with things women love and I knew she would be the perfect one to ask to guest post on a feature about COLORFUL perfume bottles. She found some really gorgeous ones and if you're in the market for a new perfume, she gives very detailed descriptions of each one.

Thanks so much, Stef! :)


  1. It's in the 90s in Boston today too- I think I'm the only one who likes it though! I'm still up for the interview whenever you have a chance to pull it together.

  2. It's more heat than most of us are used to. I was just chatting with a blogger who was effective by the heat, and got a knife in her thumb while trying to remove an avocado seed (shudders)

    Good news about the guest poster though. Would love to learn more about the world of perfume.



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