Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gentle Illustration by Sarah McNeil

Her Shop, Her Photostream

Flickr. is such an amazing site with talented artists, designers, and photographers galore! Yesterday while posting photos on Flickr. I came across the beautiful work of Australian artist, Sarah McNeil. I love the soft, gentle quality of her illustrations. The MUTED PASTELS and NEUTRALS she uses create a feminine and dreamy quality. Artists like Sarah, inspire me to continue to hone my skills as an artist and to develope my own style. Do you have an artist, designer, or photographer who inspires you?


  1. Ohhhh lovely work, you're right 'gentle' is the perfect descriptor for her style...

    I'm currently, at this very moment, inspired by Eva Funderburgh --- she's a ceramic artist (and I am SO not!) but I am just thrilled by her imagination and the character and 'storytelling' that are so palatably present in each of her pieces...

    [she's on Flickr...]

  2. Thanks, Letha...I'm going to go check out her work!

  3. what if she's all three of those things? lol. jennifer jack over at goodfortunesoap.blogspot.com. this girl's amazing. a photographer, graphic designer, soap maker ...

  4. this is so nice.i love the girl illustrations the most.amazing.

  5. Oh, I love her animals! They almost have a Beatrix Potter quality to them. Maybe it's the thin and graceful lines that suggest more than they say. Love.


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