Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eva Lindh Prop Styling

Here are a few more examples of the work that stylist Eva Lindh does. Have you ever given prop styling a try? I've been thinking about trying it myself lately. I'm sure a quality camera is a must but then it's just about gathering a few things you love, arranging them artfully on a surface of your choice, and photographing them. You could choose earthy objects for your photo such as rocks, leaves, flowers, and twigs or create a theme with a tea cup, roses, a tea towel, and's really up to you! Styling objects for a photo is similar to choosing pictures from a magazine to put together a collage. The only requirement is choosing things you love. :)


  1. So soft and pretty! :) Love that first one with the glass hurricane.

  2. Wow!! What beautiful arrangements and photos, truly gorgeous! I LOVE the first picture!

  3. I love simple explanations:

    "Just like making a collage." (I think we've all made a collage before.)

    The images are so beautiful. I love the idea of pulling some of your favorite things together and preserving them in a photo. Thanks for sharing these great ideas, Vicki.

  4. I am really getting keen on styling this year through the blogosphere. I just moved so I am really looking forward to creating small spaces where I can do just this sort of fun stuff.

  5. Love this! I'd like to do a bit of prop styling too :)


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~ Vicki