Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Colorful Images by Myla Kent

Good morning. :) Thank you for your great response to the "Calling All Photographers" post from yesterday. I've already received several beautiful and unique photos and can't wait to see more! Enjoy these gorgeous images by Myla Kent and learn more about this talented photographer below.

These lovely window display images by Myla Kent literally make my mouth water! Their RICH, OPULENT COLORS and feminine appeal push me over the edge. I first learned about Myla over at Amanda's blog, Mocking Bird and I'm so happy I did! Myla Lives and works in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is the fashion photographer for Luly Yang (see above images) in Seattle and has also had her photography featured in Seattle Magazine and National Geographic.

While messaging Myla about her photos on (she's a very warm, gracious lady btw) I learned that we may be retiring to the same Washington town in the future. I'm not usually awestruck by well-known people, but when it comes to someone who is as talented as Myla Kent, I'm just a little bit humbled and a whole lot excited to meet her. :)


  1. Gorgeous images! Love the DEEP, RICH colors! :)

  2. That red dress and fur stole coupled with the textured gold window hanging is perfection.

  3. I really like the Myla has chosen to go against what photo purists would do and actually features the reflection in the window as part of her composition. The results are beautiful.

  4. These are so gorgeous! I always have trouble taking pictures with glass in it. The way she set up the shot is genius.

  5. Lovely Photos~ and Colors Wow~

    Thanks for sharing Your photos :)

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    Have a wonderful Day ~

  6. these are amazing , vicki. you are right. they do make your mouth water. thanks for sharing myla with us

  7. I just found your lovely blog! Great pics!



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