Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Guest Poster Rachel Follett!

This morning I have the honor of having a guest poster. Have you heard of Rachel Follett from the blog, Design Lovely? She has one of the most amazing sites! It's one of the few I follow on a daily basis. Here's a brief bio. about Rachel and then she's created a beautiful, colorful moodboard for us. I'm going to need to pick her brain and ask how she does this. ;)

"I grew up on Maui and went to College in Portland, OR for Interior Design where I met my now husband Ryan. We got married just a little over a month ago and went to Ireland for our honeymoon which was fabulous. We currently live on Maui in a loft with our adorable cat Murphy. I enjoy going to the beach, looking at beautiful and inspirational images, shopping with my mom, and I am getting more into photography. I love being outdoors and exploring new places. I currently have my own web and graphic design business which mainly keeps me busy. My big goal is to take on a complete identity for a business which would include everything from logo to website to retail interior design."

Color Inspiration: Peach, Blue, and Green

I am so happy to be guest blogging for Simply Hue today. I really admire all the beauty and inspiration she provides so I am really honored! For my guest post I decided to create a little moodboard with images that have similar hues because I was so inspired by the colors of Vicki's blog.

I recently made a little banner for Vicki using photos that she has posted and I kept gravitating to these colors as well. You can see her banner here. (http://www.twolia.com/blogs/designlovely/files/2008/10/simplyhue.jpg) I honestly have never been a huge peach fan but I really love it with these blues and blue greens. It just works.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Elif Sanem Karakoc
2. Katya de Grunwald
3. Ramis Kim
4. Simply Photo
5. Tina Berning
6. Design Sponge

Thanks so much for such a great post, Rachel!


  1. What a wonderful post! I love Rachel and her tastes :) All so colorful and elegant!

    I'm so glad you stopped by, i'm definitely bookmarking your blog!

  2. Thanks for having me guest post on your beautiful blog!

  3. Thanks for sharing Rachel with us. She is so inspiring! Love the mood board.


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