Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dreamy Styles from "Saltwater"

Originally seen on my friend Heather's blog, Gathering Spriggs.

I love when I find a women's apparel shop that has gorgeous photos and not just your standard line-up of tops and pants. Saltwater is one such shop! They are a British clothing company based in London and Cornwall but have online shopping, too. Their prices aren't as low as Target, but are still pretty reasonable if you're on a budget. I'm not sure of the shipping fees, though. Hopefully those won't kill ya. ;)

Most of the colors used in their clothing are soft and earthy, such as OLIVE GREEN, CHOCOLATE BROWN, and WARM GRAYS. The RED dress above is one of the few items with BOLDER COLOR. Just curious....what colors of clothing are in your closet? Do you wear BRIGHTER, more VIBRANT COLORS or MUTED COLORS like Saltwater apparel? I have a real mix of colors in my, plum, green, gray, blue, black, tangerine, and even gold.


  1. Oh goodness woman, my closet is a RAINBOW. I can't deal with too much mutedness. (is that a word?) I do LOVE gray. Really do! The one "color" I can't deal with is black. I have a hot black dress and a black button down shirt that I use when I shoot weddings (it's like a uniform), but that's it. These are great photos too.

  2. Thanks, Amy. You comment made me laugh. ;) I went through a phase where I wore a lot of black and gray, but now my closet's a rainbow, too!

  3. I love muted fact that is what is mostly in my closet. Lately though, I have been buying and making myself clothes that are pop colors. I'm trying to be more daring and do cobalt blues, vibrant berry reds, deep oranges, and teal much fun!!!


  4. Good for you, Lauren! It's a challenge to add color to your wardrobe at times. It's a little "safer" to stick with what you're used to, I guess. ;) Thanks for your comment!

  5. Oh my goodness, those are some pretty clothes! Now, if I could only lose this baby-weight I'm still carrying around, no chance I could actually wear anything pretty like that..

  6. Thanks for the shout out Vicki. You are so sweet. I heart color deep down but have only recently started wearing it boldly. My favorite colors to wear are: coral,salmon, aqua or teal and eggplant !


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~ Vicki