Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colorful Images & Interview with Katrina

And if these weren't enough.....there's MORE!

Vicki: Tell us a little about yourself, your family, your hobbies, and interests.

Katrina: Well, I live in Buenos Aires, I am a mother of three children. I love gardening and decorating but lately photography consumes most of my time. I am image consultant but I am not working now. Well, I am just working for a little bistro in Palermo Buenos Aires(

Vicki: When did you become interested in photography?

At 12 years old I stole my father film camera, it was risky because my father used to have bad genius but when he sought the photos he decided to buy a camera for me. I chose a polaroid. Then I abandoned photography for 2 decades and I just started taking pictures again around 2007 for my blog ( and this year I started studding photography.

Vicki: How does colour inspire your work?

Katrina: Colour is very important for me. I used to paint and chose vibrant colours. Matisse is one of my favorite painters. Lately I am using a pastel palette for my photos, but this is a new thing.

Vicki: What is your favorite subject to photograph?

Katrina: Sky, my kids, trees, so many things!

Vicki: What is your favorite color?



  1. I love the wispy mood of here photos! Thanks for sharing the link & informative Q&A!

  2. Wow-great photographs will check out her flickr! That green door is something...with those yellow details...amazing.

  3. Lovely interview. I love the RED answer, all caps, yeah that's how I've felt about red for years too.

  4. What a find! Her window photos are gorgeous!!


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