Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Colorful Art Deco Fabrics!

Wellspring Textiles

These fabrics may not match your personal tastes, but aren't they nice to look at? They are sold by Wellspring Textiles, a company that specializes in creating historically authentic fabrics. They reproduce vintage fabrics but also create custom designs from the Federal period to the Art Deco period, using a wide variety of materials including linen, sateen, and cotton.

Imagine the endless color schemes that could be derived from the colors in these gorgeous fabrics!


  1. Hi Vicki, I loooove these prints, they are gorgeous! the colors and dreamy prints are really beautiful, I hadn't seen this company before. I just found your blog through the BYW blogroll, nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Lynsey! Thanks for your nice comment. I have your blog under my favorites and will comment on it soon. You're quite an artist!

  3. Thanks for sharing these prints from Wellspring Textiles. The colors and patterns are great. PS- Your new banner and look is great!

  4. I love these fabrics. They have such rich tones.

  5. Thanks, Everyone! It means so much to see your comments. :)

  6. Beautiful! Im infatuated. Love this site! Thanks for sharing.


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